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Step Into Spring With A New Garden Shed


Spring is in the air and soon your neighbors will be out in their lawns, working on the landscaping and planting their victory gardens. You’re looking forward to it too, but lugging around tools from the garage to the back yard is tedious and time consuming. Maybe it’s time to think about a garden shed for the backyard.

If you love spending time outside and taking care of your yard, garden and patio space, a garden shed will give your hobby dedicated storage, keep your lawnmower, tiller, tools etc., safe and clean from the elements, and can enhance the experience of your backyard. Maybe there is space in your garage for now, but do you want that space forever tied up with your lawn maintenance equipment? And down the line, wouldn’t it be more convenient to keep all your garden tools in one, easy-to-access location?

Pick a garden shed kit based on size and material preference. There are numerous options available here at  Storage Sheds Direct. Suncast makes charming resin and plastic garden shed kits that won’t crack or fade from being outside. They complement classic and contemporary exteriors, and are easy to assemble and long lasting.

Duramax make high quality vinyl sheds that will not rot, rust or mildew and are designed with the diy in mind.

For a more traditional style and feel Arrow make a whole range of metal sheds made from electro galvanized steel and with prices that will suit everyones budget from hobbiest to serious garden aficionados.

Whichever shed kit you decide to go with, a nice garden deserves a nice garden shed

garden sheds at Storage Sheds Direct

At Storage Sheds Direct we carry a full range of Garden Storage Sheds. They come in all shapes and sizes. Take a little time with our Shop-By filters here on left side bar to find the right Garden Shed for your storage needs.

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