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Ten reasons to buy a Vinyl Storage Shed

  1. A vinyl shed is engineered to last a lifetime
  2. Duramax Vinyl carries a 15yr warranty, unlike others,
  3. Vinyl Panels are reinforced with galvanized steel for strength
  4. A vinyl shed will not rot or rust, unlike wood or metal
  5. Vinyl Sheds do not fade or mildew & never need painting
  6. Designed for the hot southwest sun - cool in summer
  7. All parts are available individually from our store.
  8. Vinyl Sheds can take 20lbs/sq foot snow load.
  9. Our vinyl is fire retardant, unlike a plastic shed
  10. Our vinyl sheds are DIY friendly and easy to install.

 When it comes to complete Vinyl Sheds, Duramax is by far the leader in this market. Manufactured in California and designed for the hot south west sun, Duramax Vinyl Sheds are fabricated with a high spec UV resistant, fire retardant resin, and not polyethylene, (like some other brands). This a heavy, high density material and is further reinforced with galvanized beams. These sheds make a strong and robust structure, they are impervious to termites and other wood eating insects and are completely maintenance free.

Duramax Vinyl Sheds carry a 15 year warranty, are made from fire retardant vinyl and are guaranteed to withstand 100mph winds when anchored. As sheds go, the solid vinyl shed is a premium quality, top of the line structure that will last for many years.

Duramax's most popular vinyl models are: The YardMate,  The SideMate,  The DuraMate,  The  WoodBridge,  The Woodside, The Westchester, and of course Duramax Vinyl Garages (6 sizes available)

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FREE Storage Track With Any Vinyl Shed (while stocks last)

 Claim your FREE Duramax Storage Track with any Vinyl Shed (value $45) by simply checking box on your shed choice page.

 Storage Track designed for all Duramax Snap-On Tool Hooks, all available in our accessories section.


Shed + Foundation Floor Kit (ex plywood)

on all DuraMate, WoodBridge, Westchester and Woodside Vinyl Sheds                                                                            

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  1. Duramax 7x7 Store Max Shed
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