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Which Shed For Me...?

There are so many storage sheds these days to choose from, everything from traditional wood sheds, to metal sheds, plastic sheds, vinyl sheds,  vinyl coated metal sheds and even  portable sheds. They come in all shapes and sizes and it will be almost impossible not to find a storage shed to suit your needs.

The first thing to consider is how big dose your shed need to be? What do you intend to store in it? Where will it be positioned? How important are aesthetics, color, material type, height, length, width, access etc..? 

Here in our Shop-By filters on the left sidebar you can shed hunt by Shed Type, Shed Brand, Shed Model Name if you know your shed. You can also shop  by Shed Size, (width x length), or just by Shed Length or Shed Width depending on your space restrictions or if you scroll to the bottom your can shop by Shed Style .

In terms of installation; most sheds these days are designed with the user in mind, with a little good guidance, setting up is very manageable, for even an unskilled person.  This even applies to larger sheds as well. If storing cars or boats is your requirement, then you will easily find a large shed or garage shed or even a portable shelter to house these items. Check out our Portable Shelters as an alternative to a solid shed.


It may seem like a daunting task for some, to erect a storage shed. Contrary to this, it is quite a straight forward job, and you really don’t need to be an expert. The most important aspect of the whole job is simply creating a level and solid base before you start.  If you refer to some of our Blog articles you will learn how to do this effectively.

At Storage Sheds Direct you will find many different types of storage sheds to chose from at great prices and the great thing is we offer Fast FREE shipping on all our sheds with in the contiguous US direct to your home.

Use Filters here on left side bar to find the right shed for your stoage needs.

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  1. Duramax 4x6 Store Pro Vinyl Shed
    Special Price $539.99 Regular Price $599.00
  2. Duramax WoodBridge 10x8 Vinyl Shed
    Special Price $809.99 Regular Price $999.00
  3. Duramax Duramate 8x8 Vinyl Shed
    Special Price $769.99 Regular Price $999.00
  4. Duramax Duramate 8x6 Vinyl Storage Shed
    Special Price $659.99 Regular Price $875.00
  5. Duramax 8x6 Store All Vinyl Shed
    Special Price $669.99 Regular Price $800.00
  6. Shelter Logic 12x28x11 Barn Shelter 90253-4
    Special Price $1,599.99 Regular Price $1,785.00
  7. Shelter Logic 12x24x11 Barn Shelter 90153-4
    Special Price $1,349.99 Regular Price $1,549.95
  8. Shelter Logic 12x28x9 Barn Shelter 97253-4
    Special Price $1,449.99 Regular Price $1,565.00
  9. Shelter Logic 12x24x9 Barn Shelter 97153-4
    Special Price $1,399.99 Regular Price $1,550.00
  10. Shelter Logic 14x32x12 Round Top Garage - 95433
    Special Price $1,759.99 Regular Price $2,368.00
  11. Shelter Logic 14x28x12 Round Top Garage 95333-4
    Special Price $2,099.99 Regular Price $2,295.00
  12. Shelter Logic 14x24x12 Round Top Garage 95360-1
    Special Price $1,999.99 Regular Price $2,195.00
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