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All our Shelter Logic models are from their  "Shelter Product Line" which is built with the heavy duty frame, unlike the "Garage In A Box Series", also by Shelter Logic which consists of a light gauge frame and is a cheaper version of the same shed. If comparing shed prices always check the model number of the shed you are compairing. We do not carry the lighter frame models as most of our customers request the heavy frame pro models which are more robust in weather extremes. As you will expect the heavier frame is a little more expensive due to the heavier metal which also adds more weight to shipping cost. Many traders won't explain this difference in the two product lines and just sell the lighter models. So all we say is do your research and make sure you know what you are getting before you make your purchase. You will find all manuals and poduct spec sheets for all our sheds at the bottom of each product description page. Also check our weekly Blog for great tips and tricks all to do with sheds.

 Take a little time with our powerfull Shop-By filters here on left side bar to find the right shelter for your storage needs.

 For technical information, just call us 1800 419 7739. We pride ourselves on good customer service and will be happy to assist you.

All Shelter Logic Sheds Ship FREE form Storage Sheds Direct. Please note Shelter Logic make all their covers to individual order and usually have a 7 - 10 day lead time from time of order placement.

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  1. Shelter Logic 12x28x11 Barn Shelter 90253-4
    Special Price $1,599.99 Regular Price $1,785.00
  2. Shelter Logic 12x24x11 Barn Shelter 90153-4
    Special Price $1,349.99 Regular Price $1,549.95
  3. Shelter Logic 12x28x9 Barn Shelter 97253-4
    Special Price $1,449.99 Regular Price $1,565.00
  4. Shelter Logic 12x24x9 Barn Shelter 97153-4
    Special Price $1,399.99 Regular Price $1,550.00
  5. Shelter Logic 14x32x12 Round Top Garage - 95433
    Special Price $1,759.99 Regular Price $2,368.00
  6. Shelter Logic 14x28x12 Round Top Garage 95333-4
    Special Price $2,099.99 Regular Price $2,295.00
  7. Shelter Logic 14x24x12 Round Top Garage 95360-1
    Special Price $1,999.99 Regular Price $2,195.00
  8. Shelter Logic 14x20x12 Round Top Garage 95340-1
    Special Price $1,849.99 Regular Price $1,998.95
  9. Shelter Logic 13x28x10 Round Top Garage 90233-4
    Special Price $1,399.99 Regular Price $1,550.95
  10. Shelter Logic 13x24x10 Round Top Garage 74332-42
    Special Price $1,199.99 Regular Price $1,399.00
  11. Shelter Logic 12x28x8 Round Top Garage 76632-42
    Special Price $1,249.99 Regular Price $1,499.00
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