Duramax Shed FAQ's

Duramax Shed FAQ's

Do you have a warranty? How Long?

We have a 15 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects. While the shed will not pit, corrode or yellow, the color may shift slightly based on the intensity of the sun in your area. All parts are covered by our warranty and any defects will be replaced promptly.


 What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is short for Polyvinyl Chloride, also called PVC, a plastic material widely used for applications that demand high durability. The prefix "poly" refers to the fact that the molecules are chemically linked to one another in long chains, called polymers. Although PVC is the principal ingredient in vinyl fencing, other ingredients are added to give the fencing desirable properties. For example, special ingredients, called impact modifiers, are added to improve the impact resistance of vinyl. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white pigment that is added for long-term resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light, a component of sunlight that tends to discolor and embrittle most substances that are exposed to sunlight over long periods of time. DuraMax specially formulates its vinyl to withstand the sunlight typically experienced in the Southwestern states, which is harsher than any other part of the country. It does this by using a higher proportion of TiO2 as well as adding special UV inhibitors and modifiers. The resulting formula, called DuraResin, unique to DuraMax products, is the only one that has been engineered as the best product in the market today!


What are the advantages of vinyl versus metal?

Vinyl is a durable material that will not rust, rot or dent and never needs painting. It lasts for years. Metal rusts and dents while wood needs repainting and will eventually rot. Vinyl requires no maintenance other an occasional wipe down.


What are the colors available?

The sheds come in a neutral color that is best described as ivory or eggshell.


Does it come with shelves or hanging hooks?

Your shed does not come with shelves or hooks as standard but there is a range of accessories available from duramax all available it the accessories section at storageshedsdirect.com  As an alternative shelves can be built from the ground up. Items can also be hung from the column supports however care should be taken not to hang too much weight especially in heavy snow areas


If I want to add shelves what is the best approach?

Depending on the weight you want to place on the shelves, you can either place the shelves on screws mounted straight into the metal columns or for heavier loads you can build the shelves up from the floor and attach to metal wall columns for stability.


Do we assemble the sheds?

No, we do not assemble the sheds…the customer will assemble the shed.


Can I paint the shed?

We do not recommend painting the shed. If you insist you should use paint made specifically for PVC. However, paint will require future maintenance and eliminate the advantages of our durable and maintenance free vinyl. Can I tear down the shed and build it again? You can tear down the shed and build again. You would need additional plugs, pins, and washers. Contact us at toll free number 1-800-483-4674 to purchase these small parts.


What Do I build the shed on?

You need a level flat surface on which you can build the shed. The floor can be a level concrete pad or you can build a floor with one of 2 options: 1) build a foundation with 2x4 wood and lay a plywood floor on top or 2) purchase our ready to go foundation kit and lay a plywood floor on top. (we do not supply the plywood floor with the foundation kit)


Do any of the sheds come with a complete floor?

Yes, our 5' Yardmate series comes with a complete resin floor that can sit on most surfaces including grass or soil.


Can I build the shed on an existing concrete pad?

Yes, you can build the shed on an existing concrete pad provided it's level.


What is your foundation kit for? What is it made of?

If you don't have a concrete pad, a foundation is needed on which a plywood floor can be laid. We offer a galvanized steel foundation kit that elevates the shed off the ground about 2". It provides a level structure on which the plywood floor can be laid. It's a quicker and easier solution than building a wood foundation with 2x4s.


How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly varies depending on the size of the shed, whether you have a foundation and number of extensions. Here are some estimates for some of our basic sheds in ideal circumstances: The 10x8 takes two people 4-5 hours, the 5x3 takes 1 hour, the 4x8 takes 3-4 hours; and the 8x6 takes 2 people 3-4 hours. Your choice of foundation and the number of extensions you wish to add to the shed will add to this.


Does the window fit all sizes of sheds?

The window will fit all sheds. You need to install the window in a middle panel (not a corner panel). The panel is cut using a jig saw and the window is placed between the columns. Our windows are sliding windows.


How many windows can I have per shed?

You can fit at least 2 windows in most sheds. For every middle panel you can have 1 window. (Windows do not fit on corner panels)

Does the shed leak?

The shed will not leak, but after installing the roof you will need to apply silicone along the running edges of the roof ridge caps and around the washers on the roof plugs. To avoid seepage around the bottom of the shed, apply silicone to the outside or inside of the "U" channel that runs along the bottom of the shed.